Foreign Investor’s Status

According to the Company Act, domestic and foreign companies do business under equal conditions. A foreign investor may establish or participate in establishing a company and may acquire rights and/or commitments as any domestic investor. Foreign investors, headquartered or with residence in a non – WTO member country, need to meet the reciprocity condition.

The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia provides several guarantees for foreign investors. It is especially enacted that all rights acquired through the investment of capital cannot be restricted by law or any other legal act, and that foreign investors are guaranteed free transfer and repatriation of profit and invested capital.

Foreign citizens wishing to acquire real estate in Croatia may do so only if there is a reciprocal agreement with the country allowing Croatian citizens to do the same. The latter does not apply to citizens and legal entities coming from the EU. They can acquire ownership over real estate under the same assumptions that apply to Croatian citizens and legal entities headquartered in Croatia, with the exception of specific real estate i.e. agricultural land protected by a special law and protected nature reserves. A foreign investor can establish a company in Croatia that will be allowed to acquire real estate without limitations.