A word from newly elected VCCC Vice President

Greetings to my fellow VCCC members and the Croatian Community at large.

Once again I would like to thank the committee on my appointment as one of the Vice Presidents of the Victorian chamber of Commerce, a role I look forward to and one to which I will dedicate myself to.

The Croatian community has a long history in the State of Victoria stretching back to the 1800’s  and as a community we have seen many challenges one of them being justifying our own existence as nation in the days before Croatian independence, now that Croatia has achieved that goal and is once again a fully integrated member of the European community we face new challenges as a community namely how do we ensure we remain relevant and engaged with the broader Australian community and what will be our role in it, as individuals Croatians have excelled in many aspects of Australian  society ranging from the Arts, science and innovation, not to mention the sporting field where Croatians have won Olympic gold medals for Australia , captained the national team in various codes and played in AFL grand finals right here at the MCG, we have built churches and cultural organisations for the community all at our own initiative and effort, in business we have many successful Croatian individuals some of whom are the epitome of the migrant story of literally arriving here with nothing but a suitcase and building up businesses.

In spite of all this individual success we can do more and this where I believe the VCCC can help by allowing Croatians to network effectively with each other and access goods and services provided by Croatian business’s here in Australia and in Croatia, also to act as a bridge between the two countries in terms of business opportunities and trade for the wider Australian community who are in ever increasing numbers discovering Croatia and all its attractions, I urge you to join the VCCC and we can help our community get stronger and more influential,  help Croatia prosper , you will gain access to resources and contacts that you never knew existed and that you will benefit from.

And finally I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017


Slavko Peraic

VCCC Vice President

MB: 0418173331

FX:  03 85267210



level 12/60 Albert Rd. South Melbourne 3205

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