Meeting G2.2 – Croatians United in Business


Zagreb, 10. – 12. October,  emigration-economy forum titled Meeting G2.2

The G2.2 meeting is aimed at the revitalization of the economy – gathering in one place successful entrepreneurs, business people from abroad of Croatian descent and entrepreneurs or project starters from the homeland. Successful representatives of second-generation emigrants (G2) will be presented with opportunities for investment in the economy of their mother homeland, while domestic entrepreneurs, employers, and innovators will be presented the best examples form world practices and connected with successful Croatians from the entire world.

The VCCC will attend this three-day forum.

The Committee Board members Boris Jakovac and Monika Popovic will provide the voice for the Victorian Croatian Business Community and we encourage you to make the most of the VCCC presence in Zagreb.

If you or your business can benefit from having a personal representative among a multidisciplinary team of Croatians from around the world whose main goal is to connect business people from Croatia and its diáspora in order to enhance the diaspora’s investment in the Homeland and among themselves, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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