Croatian Step Towards Participation in FOMA 2020

A unique, expansive, underground venue in the gleaming Sydney suburb of Barangaroo was the stage for Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA), the first ever national initiative of such kind with a potential to integrate cultures, generate trade opportunities and foster social cohesion through a universally understood language, fashion.

Organized this year in collaboration with 12 foreign embassies in Australia, each country was represented by an emerging designer that showcased their collection on the longest runway ever assembled in Australia. The maiden FOMA event was visited by over 3000 fashion and culture enthusiasts and delivered beyond promise, celebrating not only the vast cultural landscape of Australia, but also its multi-faceted diversity, featuring models and spectators of all races and shapes, ages and levels of ability.

Representatives of VCCC, who attended the Sydney FOMA, were invited to the sister–event in Melbourne, where they met with Ms. Sonia Gandhi, the founder and organizer of the event.

This year, Ms. Gandhi is going to extend a formal invitation for participation in FOMA 2020 to the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Melbourne. With a particular excitement, VCCC is hoping for Croatia’s participation, as it would be a unique opportunity to introduce the audiences in Australia with the millennia-long era of beauty, diversity and achievement of our country, that stretches far beyond its well-known natural beauty.










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